A British Girl Blogging with a Cuppa


Welcome to my very own BritishTeaRoom. A British Girl Blogging with a Cuppa is a source for inspiration that covers everything from food, travel, afternoon tea, life stories, snail mail and of course, exploring my new home New York. I hope to encourage people to add a little sparkling cuppa tea to their everyday life!


M Y S T O R Y 

I have always wanted to write about my experiences but never had the courage to do so! Then a couple of years ago, after getting hitched and making the big move from London to New York, I finally decided to take the blogging plunge and share my ideas, thoughts and stories with you! While my dream to open up a British Tea Room in New York continues, I cordially invite you to my very own ‘virtual’ BritishTeaRoom (everyone has to start somewhere!). I’ve only been doing this for a little while, but I have no expectations from it. 


The thing about my story is that it is still being written and everyday brings a new adventure or opportunity and that’s what keeps me going. So whether I am exploring New York, traveling back to London, planning my next vacation or thinking of a new little dessert for you to bake.… thank you for following along and visiting my blog. 

I know life can get tough sometimes, however always remember: drink tea, smile and….

” Just keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming”


 I suggest you now sit back, relax,  have a read and if you haven’t got your cuppa tea yet, go stick the kettle on! 

British Girl Blogging with a Cuppa


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